Thursday, November 29, 2007

ASU Basketball Game

Last night Seth, Spencer, Papa, and I went to the ASU basketball game at the last min. Seth was excited to go except that he didn't want to see Sparky and ASU sun devil. Ever since he was little he has ALWAYS been afraid of him. Soon into the game he decided to do this.................... I think we can say that he is over his fear of Sparky!

Turkey Trip to the Desert

Every Thanksgiving since I can remember my family and I have been going to CA City to Camp with friends and family. In my family camping is not possible unless you have dirt bikes. So this year my two kids and I went along for the long ride 9 hour ride for some fun in the desert sun!!Traveling with kids is not that bad when it is in a motor home and you can make lunch, go to the bathroom, take naps on a big bed, and sit up front with Pop Pop and help him drive.. (Seth)
It was soooooooooooo cold and windy that the only relief was sitting by the fire at night and then getting into the motor home which had a heater. Seth loved roasting marsh mellows he did it every night we where out there.
Trying to keep warm!
Seth got a hold of my camera and was taking picture... Look at those big blue eyes
Just out for a ride with Pop Pop....
Tessa was trying to get in on the fun so I " tried" to ride this freaky bike with her on my back.
"Mom it is so cold how am I supposed to eat Turkey with these gloves on???"
I finally gave in and took both of the kiddos on a ride. Tessa LOVED it and by that time Seth was an old pro at riding
Silly Seth..Nobody call CPS on me.... Seth was driving with Apple Jul and hopes that you would go number TWO on the potty.... didn't work!!
I bundled Tessa up so much that she got a heat rash.... What was I supposed to do though??
Out for a walk with Apple Jule

Watch out everyone.... here I came

Monday, November 26, 2007

Misson Impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I have been a really bad blogger lately and I just need to know how everyone is so dang good at it. Sometimes it just seem impossible to me!!! This last week I was out of town so that kinda shout blogging down but the other days just seem to just be so hard. I do have lots to blog about with Thanksgiving coming and going and Christmas just right around the corner. So bare with me I soon hope to be that wonderful blogger that can just get her life in order. Stay tooned...

Sunday, November 18, 2007


This week has AGAIN been a very busy one at that but we found some time to have a little fun! Seth's newest found hobbie is cooking with Mommy. Thanks to some great Halloween clearance, Apple Jul was able to get him his very own chef outfit. He loves to pretend.
Tessa loves to play with the phone and Mommy was playing with her shirt on her head.She can't get enough of the beeps and noises that it make. In this picture she is consentrating so hard to push the buttons and I asked her to look at me and this is the dirty look that she gave me.... I have NO idea where she gets her attitude from.....
Well tonight we went over to my parents for dinner and much to Seth's surprise Pop Pop had bought him a helmet for our annual Thanksgiving camping trip. How cute is he!!! He looks so big and can hardly stand it!!
MOM TAKE THE PICTURE ALREADY I WANT TO GO FOR A RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (notice the rain boots)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Busy Week

As most of you may notice I have been a really bad blogger this week. So I just wanted to recap to what in the heck was going on. To start off we all had the stomach flu in our home, them Music Makers, gym, School, Road Show practice and performs, gym, cutting and more cutting of people's hair, potty training STILL, work, work, and trying to stay a sane stay at home mother of two. To say the least it was a crazy week. I am just so glad it is over, now I get to start all over again and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I will try to be better this week... Maybe!!

Music Maker Concert

Seth is in this fun music program with his cousins called Music Makers. He loves it. Last Saturday they had their first program. He was so cute!!! He wouldn't smile or hardly move. He just stood there and sang his part like a true army guy. Here he is with he two cousins Janie and Emma. Oh if you are wondering about the rain boots... He just had to wear his big boot to be a army man.
Tessa liked the program too. She sang right along... more like yelled!!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Today I was TRYING to put some of my Halloween decorations away and much to my surprise Seth was not ready of Halloween to be over. I had put all of my decoration in a corner in the kitchen to EVENTUALLY put in storage and look at what I found Seth doing.....
He was running back a forth from the kitchen to the family room trying to put all the decorations back. He thought he was pretty funny... I thought so too!! He kept saying "it's not over, it is time for it again". I think I am going to have to wait a couple of days, or just wait until he is in bed!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Night

It Halloween!! Seth was chatting that all day long. Tessa even knew that something fun was happening. She was kicking and laughing all night. Well we started about 5:30 pm and went to my parents house. Their neighborhood was having a big block party with lots of food, games, hay rides and more. The kids had a blast.Happy, Hyper, loading up with sugar family
Three grand kids... My parents still can't believe it.
Me and my sweet girl..
Uncle Dustin withe his favorite girls..

My friend Lissa found this perfect photo opp. for Tess. How cute is that??Seth on the big Spider Man jump house havin a blast!
First house we tricker treated at
Tessa and my mom (Apple Jul)
Kali wasn't sure what her parents (my brother kid) got her into. She was not happyShe was a little more happy with her costume off and of course with her favorite Aunt Tiffani.
Tessa found her match. Micky Mouse (Corbin) who is in our ward and was not to happy about his costume ether.

Last but not lease Mr. Camden the cutest Octopus around. Lissa's found this cute little costume for her adorable little guy. Isn't he cute!

Continuation of Cali Trip

Well I know I haven't blogged in a while but life has been kinda crazy... So we got back from Cali and we had so much fun with Lindy and her sweet family. This picture is one of those typical High School posing pictures... We where having fun in the car.This picture is a perfect example of what kinda of little boy Seth really is. I was so excited to find frogs jumping around like crazy in Jamie's (Lindys sisters) backyard. I grew up with frogs jumping around all the time but I think it is to HOT for them to survive in AZ. I love Seth's face in this picture... He wouldn't touch it and he was totally grossed out.
Guess what I found.....
So I asked Jamie to take some pictures of my family after Paxton's blessing because the grass was so green and again in AZ it hard to fine. I loved how she captured the before frantic behaviours of taking a picture with kids and the after.

Not bad for a snap shot..
Before and frantic....
Lindy's cute family... I had so much fun with all of them and for the first time really got to know her husband Mike. He is a great guy and a wonderful father. Good job Wid!
Us again..
I couldn't get enough of this little guy... He is so sweet and so chubby. We decided to take a little photo shoot after the blessing.. Cute family!

On the way home. Seth was so excited to come home (can you tell) I sure love these kids.Thx Lindy for such a fun trip.. Sure love ya

Disregard this picture. I couldn't figure out how to erase it..