Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No more excuses... No more fluff!!

I am writing this post in efforts to light a fire under by booty to loose some much needed baby fluff. I don't like the word FAT. In fact when my kiddos use that word I have a tendency to get after them. I know that I am not a heavy person. I know that I don't have a serious weight problem.  I know that my extra thirty pounds sounds like nothing to others. I do know that this extra weight that I am caring around is starting to effect me in not such a good way. I dread getting ready in the morning due to the fact that none of my clothes fit. I HATE the little back fat (sorry fluff) that get stuck in my bra! I want to feel healthy and energetic. I want to go for a run and not feel like I'm going to die after. I want to do something for myself and not anyone else. Why is that such a hard thing for mom's to do? Why do we feel guilty for doing something for ourselves? I struggle with that. I know that I just had a baby, and he was totally worth it!! I just am ready to get my body back and feel a little better about myself. So starting today I am calories counter, running/walking any kinda of exercise machine. My calorie intake in going to be around 1800 per day due to the fact that I'm a nursing Mama. According to some research that I have been doing, I must intake that many calories in order to sustain my milk. My plan is to record weekly on my weight lose and progress on my blog in efforts to motivate myself and continue my weight lose. So here I go... ready or not, I have to start some where!! My starting weight is .... drum roll please..... 168! Wheeewwweeee , that was a little hard. My REALISTIC GOAL is to be 145. I would love to be around 140 but let's start with this first goal  and see how we do with that first. I'm pretty tall, 5'7 and have a pretty athletic/curvy build. To say it in different terms, I'm not a petite person. So stay tuned until next week when I record my efforts of my weight lost. Wish me luck!

Tess took like picture of me...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh Holy Night!

Why do you ask does my face look like this????
I know I look a little crazy... but I am so happy because my sweet baby boy did this...

From 9:00 pm last night until 6:00 am this morning!!! How many hours is that do you say? Oh just NINE AMAZING HOURS... I have to be honest... I loved him a little more this morning. Thanks Scotty for the great night.. Can we try again tonight?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Criminal Acts

Much to our surprise we have a criminal in our house hold.
 The crime scene was located in Rue 21 around 1:45 pm yesterday afternoon. Description of suspect, female, around 3 and a half, curly light brown hair, over three feet tall, light skin, cute bunny teeth, and big blue eyes. Picture of Suspect....

Items stollen from the property

Noted.. Items where returned to the the store. Suspect placed the following items in her bag as the Mother of its tiny criminal was not paying attention. Punishment, stern talk, and returning of items. Closed case, lesson learned... never let suspect take her own bag inside stores. She will just take what she wants.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yesterday morning I experienced a little jab to my heart. I realized that my first baby is growing up way to fast. I started the day off with getting Seth ready for school and then driving the carpool to school. In the carpool are a couple of Seth's best friends. He loves going to school with them. As we pulled up to the front of the school everyone jumps out. I leaned over to Seth and said " Have a great day Seth, I love you so much, give me loves (kisses)" He leaned in, stopped, looked at his friends, and then gave me this look of complete embarrassment that I would ask such a thing. HE WOULDN'T GIVE ME A KISS GOOD BYE!! I couldn't believe it. At first I was hurt then I realized that he is just growing up and realizing that it may not be the coolest to kiss mom good bye.  Ill be honest, it kinda hurt all day. When he got home I made him give me 10 kisses and he did not hold back. I can't believe that I have entered this part of my life... I am the embarrassing mom that takes her kids to school in her pj's and asks for public displays of affection in front of friends!! What is going on here!! I am totally that mom and suddenly feel very old.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Need I say anymore?? This little man literally melts my heart away. You know when you are pregnant and you think to yourself there is no possible way I can love another as much as I love my other children. Well, its happened again. I am overwhelmed with the amount of love I have for this little peanut. I feel giddy when I see him smile and just want to roll him in sugar and take a big bite out of his chub. We had a rough first couple of weeks (6 to be exact) but we got him some magic little drops for his very upset tummy and now he is such a joy. I love his perfect little chin, his little dimple on the top of his left lip, the way the top of his ears stick out just a little, how he thinks he is so big and wants to sit up and walk already, the way he looks up at me when it's booby time with milk in his mouth and gives me the biggest smile, the way he talks and coos (even when its to early to get up), how I loose track of time just lying next to him watching him smile and talk, and how he knows his momma and lights up when I give him a glance. I could go on. All I know is that the extra 20 pounds that I am carrying around and the long grueling 9 month of hellish (sorry) bliss that I went through just to see you was well worth the wait and anguish. Please don't get any bigger...Love you Scotty... more then you will ever know!