Saturday, May 8, 2010

Antique table for Sale!!

So I bought this table a couple of months ago and loved it, but I am a spazzz and just bought another one that fits our needs a little better. Now I am trying to sell this one.... It's a beautiful antique dining room table. It is 65 in long, 43 in wide, and 31 in tall. If any one is interested let me know. I am selling it  for 150.00  (obo) I am sad to see it go, but don't have the space to store. Let me know?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My sweet Nany..

So my dear sweet Nany went to visit our Heavenly Father this passed Sunday evening. She had been battling cancer and many other illnesses the passed two year. She put up a very good fight and fought it until the very end. I was able to be with her, her final days and be there when she passed. It was a very spiritual experience and I am so grateful that I was by her side in her time of need. My Nany (Margaret Herron) Lived a very full and exciting life. She married the love of her life Raymond (Papa) and they where married for 55 years. Believe it or not they actually ran away to be married in Vegas!! They had two sweet boys, Kieth who unfortunately passed when he was only 11 years old in a tragic accident, and then my sweet dad Scott. She loved to right dirt bikes, paint, do poetry, sing, play the piano, SHOP, travel, and be with her family every special event she and Papa could attend. I was her only granddaughter so I got to enjoy some very special moments with my Nany. Every morning when she came to visit I knew I could run up stair and watch her put her make up on in her big vanity in her room. She made all three of us grandchildren feel so loved and gave us her unconditional love. My Nany was a very genuine person. She was so sensitive to everyone and everything. She would even cry when we would bless the food. I know that she is in a much  better place with our Heavenly Father and I know that her son Keith was the first one she got to see when she passed. I also know that she is having quite the party in heaven with all of her friends and family that had passed before her. I am so glad that I have the gospel in my life that helps my know and feel the spiritual side of death. I know I will get to see her someday and I am so grateful to be the one that gets to do her work when that times come. I love you Nany... thank you for always being there for me and loving me the way you did.
 Seth got to help with the casket. He was so proud.Papa and my Dad, Scott saying their goodbyes.They both loved her very much as did she love them.