Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drop in Babysitting

Drop in Babysitting

Time-12:00 to 4:00pm

Place-My House(if you need my address leave me a comment or email)

When-Every Tuesday and Thursday

Cost-Just 3$ per kiddo per hour

(Please no children under the age of one)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scotty too- Hottie is 1! (on June 4th)

I can't believe this little man is 1 already!! Where does time go (seriously) In my mind he still looks like this
We are so very blessed to have Scotty in our lives. It is like he has always been a part of our family.
We thank our Heavenly Father everyday for this sweet little spirit.

Things Too Hottie (that's are nickname for him) can do-
He crawls and walks along furniture like a champ
He can say Momma, Dadda, Bubba (Seth) Babba (bottle) Haat (hot)
He waves, claps, sings and dances to Justin Bieber, throws little tantrums, and gets into everything! He loves the toilet!
Still does not sleep very well, but ONCE in awhile he will take a good nap. In fact he is screaming right this very second in his crib because he won't go to sleep!
He is a total Momma's boy!
He eats like a champ and will eat everything he gets his hand. (rocks, dirt, bugs, and old food he finds on the ground)
His favorite food is watermelon, and mac and cheese
He weight 19 pounds 17 ounces (my smallest child by far)
Loves to wrestle with his brother and Dadda, and play in big sister's room
He is walking with his walker but is still a little hesitant to walk.
He loves dogs and shakes with excitement when they are around
He loves to swim and take baths
He is all boy!

For his big day I did take tons of pictures but for some reason my camera will not load them..GRRRrrr
We just had a fun family day and enjoyed each other's company. We went swimming , went to Red Robin for dinner, and then went to Target to pick a toy. It was the perfect day! We love you so much Scotty!! Thanks for being you!