Thursday, October 20, 2011

We are ready for Halloween!

 I love Halloween! So do my kiddos! Tessa asked me to decorate our house about mid September... So I did. This year we got our costumes early so we could go to the fabulous Trick or Treat Party at Disneyland during fall break (Disneyland Blog soon to come) Then I heard our friend Ashley was doing her annual Halloween photo shoot. I jumped on the opportunity. I don't know about you other Mom's out there, but I NEVER get good pictures of our kiddos on Halloween.. Too much candy, and too much fun to slow down for good photos. I just love how the pictures turned out. Seth wanted to be a ninja (not Mom and Dad's first pick, we wanted to see his cute face), Tessa Snow White (Thanks to a wonderful Aunt with great hand me down), and Scotty is Charlie Brown ( I thought it would be very comfy for this this man, plus we tend to call him Charlie Brown once in awhile).
 Scotty turned on the charm as soon as Ashley brought out the camera. He is such a show off.. I LOVE IT! He really is turning into quite the little entertainer.
 Gorgeous Tessa. She loves her Princess's and loves to dress up. She was pretty excited when I told her I was going to let her wear make-up. She didn't hesitate! Love this girl to pieces.
 So Seth would not smile at all for the camera. Plus he kind of had a hard morning because Mom was asking him to do chores. How dare I!! He was in his serious Ninja mode and would not crack. I can't believe how big my favorite brown haired boy is. (That's what I call him) My heart aches when I think about him growing  up. He is such a good boy and we are so proud of the little man he is becoming.
There is that handsome smile. These boys have a very special bond and Scotty knows how to melt Seth's heart. Happy Halloween!!