Saturday, April 12, 2008

My wonderful Birthday!!

I know, I know I haven't blogged in over a month but I am doing it now. I am going to start blogging where I think I left off and I think it was around my birthday. My sweet sweet husband decided to give me the best birthday present ever.... 24 hour break from my kiddos (who I love very much) Thanks to my parents who watch our kids we where off to have some much needed RNR. We found this really good resort in north AZ and just had a blast. We went out to dinner without kids, we went to the movies without the kids, we went shopping and more shopping with out the kids, and we went out to breakfast without the kiddos. Sorry can you tell that I needed a break. Here I am with all my bags of goodies... I just love to shop.. It can be a problem :)
Spencer and I acting like a bunch of kids... we had so much fun together
Breakfast the next morning.... Thank to babe for such a fun Birthday.. I love you so much!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Biggest Loser!!

My husband and I decided that we both wanted to lose some weight before our summer's vacations that we have planned. So knowing both of our personalities we realized to achieve our goal we would need a little competition in order to say motivated and lose our goal weight. Couple of times last year we and a group involving our family and friends all got together and joined our own BIGGEST LOSER contest. It was very successful and we all felt a little better about ourselves. The rules are that we all put in 100 dollars in the beginning of the eight week contest. If we lose 10% of our weight we will get 50 dollars of our 100 back and the rest of the money will go to THE BIGGEST LOSER!! Our weight is calculated by percentage of our weight so it is fair for everyone. Well fair if you don't consider that MEN lose weight faster and have a slight advantage over us women in the competition. You can't take pills or any kind of weight lose supliments.There are about 12 people in the competition and it ends on June 1st. In last years contest my husband Spencer won one and I won the other. Take it that I had just had a baby but it seemed to work to my advantage.I am really excited to lose some weight and feel motivated to do so. Right now I am completely starving and my stomach is growling at me. I have worked my butt off at the gym the last couple of days and am feeling quite fatigue at the moment. If I can make it through this week I will be just fine. Stay tuned for update...... Let the Biggest loser win!! Bring it on ......