Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blog Blocked

I am sorry to all of my followers that I have been really lame in the blogging department. One of my sweet Aunts told me it's because I am living my life, I think I am living my life a little to the extreme right now. I think that I am so stressed out about certain things that are happening in my life and are feel so blessed on the other hand that I just don't know where to start with a post. So many wonderful things have happend, like my sweet baby boy turning the big FIVE, my brother Dustin got married, we took a fun spontaneous trip to Disneyland, Seth starting t-ball, and just enjoying all that life brings. I just feel a little guilty about not documenting these stepping stones. I think stress plays a much bigger role in my life then I know. Spence lost his job two months ago, my parents moved away, my sweet Nany is very sick with cancer, I am learning how to joggle and new position at TWH and be a good mother and wife, YW leader, and Spencer is applying to law schools this fall semester. What to do! So I think I just need to not feel guilty about not blogging and just take life one step at a time. Sorry to my followers, I promise I will be back soon!