Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Lovin (picture blog)

 We have had a FABULOUS summer and are sad to get back to our normal schedule soon (Mom is kinda ready though) Our new toy this summer donated to us by our besties the Walkers.
Tessa was in Miss. Jennee's Workshop. She sang and danced her heart out for two weeks. She had a blast and looked so dang cute in her performance
Miss. Jennee, Tommy (cousin) and Tess
Camping indoors... Best camping trip I have ever had!
Lemonade stand with Cousins at Ya- Ya's yard sale.
I took a impromptu trip for Three weeks to Cali to visit my parents and a long time friend. Lindy was so nice to put up with me and my three kiddos for four days. We had a blast swimming, eating way too much, staying up late to talk, redecorating her front room, playing, and playing some more. We have come to find out that since we  have 6 kiddos between the two of us , that are visits revolve around the kiddos and not us anymore. We still had a blast and I just love how much are kiddos love each other. Thanks Lindy, oh and Mike:) Sure love you!
The 6 kiddos- can you imagine the amount of food and trash we went through in 4 days!!
Swimming at Grandparents house. Tessa and Paxton
Lyric and Seth
And Adorable Kylee... Lindy's kiddos are gorgeous! I kinda wanted to steal this little one!
We also spent the 4th of July with them
Then Spencer met up with me at my parents and they were kind enough to watch the kiddos while we went on a cruise with The Wright House  clan. We had a blast and a much needed brake. 
When we got back from our cruise, not to our surprise Apple Jul and Popeye spoiled our kiddos like crazy. They had so much fun and we didn't worry a single bit!
Scotty loved the ocean and beach. Popeye and Scotty checkin out the water
Sorry the pictures are so little... Seth got a new wet suit and lost all fear of the ocean because of it. He loved the water and boogy boarding
Tess being cute!! She still had a little fear with the ocean... which was fine by me!
Seth, Scotty and Tess got to go to the Santa Barbara Zoo and they even got to feed a Giraffe!
P.S Scotty is officially walking!!