Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cute Story

The other day Seth was walking through the family room as I was relaxing on the couch watching TV. He quickly turned around and asked me a very interesting question.. He said "Mom do you think that I have a cute nipple. I said "WHAT", he continued to ask again... "Mom do you think I have a cute nipple". About the third time he said this I realized that he was smiling very big trying to show me his DIMPLE!!! Seth has one very cute Dimple on his right cheek and I think he know it. I thought I was going to pee a little I was laughing so hard. In conclusion we had a quick little talk about the letter D and N and the difference a letter can make in a word.....

The Month of October

Spencer had his knee surgery in the beginning of the month. He did great has been a good sport being gipy in all... He is going to Physical Therapy twice a week and is being very careful not to push himself to much. He is getting pretty tired of being a little laid up. Yesterday I had a little comical moments as I saw him mowing our font lawn with a extra little limp in each step.. Sorry babe, your doing great!!
We actually have gotten the chance to brake out our sweaters a couple of times this year... Finally I think the cool weather is coming.....We also got a wonderful visit from our friends the Mcleods. We had so much fun with them and where really sad to see them go. Seth and Lyric did great together and never really fought at all. Packy and Tess actually got to play this time and where pretty cute together. Of course Lindy and I had a blast together and just shopped and ate, and ate and ate. Thank you guys for coming... Sure love you all so much

For Halloween this year Seth went through about 4 costumes. Superman, Spider man, a robot, and the final verdict was a Astronaut. This particular party he was Spider man..

Miss Tess was Wonder Women.... Totally fit her personality and she looked adorable doing it. We had a very busy month but loved every minute..