Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear Scotty...

-PLEASE, EAT SOMETHING!!... other then tomatoes or chips
-PLEASE, SLEEP a full two hours withoug screaming your cute little blonde HEAD OFF!
PLEASE, Let me take a shower/or go to the bathroom(that would be very nice)
PLEASE, let me put you into your carseat/highchair without me having to do a Kung Fu move on you
PLEASE, Don't get into the cleaning cabnit and suck on the windex /bite the soap bars/ bite the tips of all the markers/ or suck on the dirty Q-tips in the trash.
PLEASE, STOP thrashing and arching you back so hard that you hit my colar bone every single time
PLEASE, Let me change your %&*(# diaper without the world coming to an end
PLEASE, Let me love you, and get a little snuggle in once in awhile
PLEASE, Don't change anything about you, I love you just the way you are.......I'm just a little worn out!

Love, Your Mom (that will love you forever NO MATTER WHAT)