Friday, May 20, 2011

Love my Family!

 A couple of weeks ago we had the great pleasure to take family pictures. It was actually a lot of fun .They turned out amazing thanks to this sweet lady. She was so patient and just went with the flow of our family chaos.  These are only a few... but some of my favorites. I can't wait to make a million prints and spread them through out my house.
 My handsome boy. He never smiles with his teeth... so of course I LOVE this one. My hubby and mom helped out with getting him to smile. Sorry Seth we will get braces when you get a little older.
My SASSY gorgeous Daughter. She loves to work it and stick out that hip when needed.
 My adorable baby. I so proud to finally have a child that some what resembles me. Win for whites!
 Almost ten years with this Hunk!!! I can't believe we are almost that couple.
 All the cousins together
 The Whole Family
 The "original" Herron Family.... LOVE THEM!
 I CAN NOT believe my parents have six grandkiddos. They are pretty gosh dang good at it too! My Dad is priceless in this pic. Typically Seth and Popeye.
 My sweet Momma Mia..
Thanks Ashley again. We will always cherish our pictures.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hole Fam Dangily

 Couple of weeks ago I had my entire Family in town to celebrate the blessing of the newest addition to our family. We have not had everyone together in quite sometime. It was a crazy, busy, and a very enjoyable weekend. It was very short but very sweet. We played hard, took family picture, ate, played some more, and slept a little. This is my brother and his adorable wife and their youngest Marshall... but we call him Marshmallow (can you guess why?) Scotty wiggled himself into this picture
 Here is Marshmallow... Can you believe those eyes. This was my first time meeting this hunk, ahunk of burnin love. He melted my heart and we loved getting to know him. I had just had Scotty when this "little one" was born, So I hadn't made it to Utah to meet him yet. He looks just like my brother. I also got the pleasure in giving him his first haircut!
 Kali and Seth playing in the backyard. This cutest is my brother's oldest. Kali and Tessa are only a couple months apart. We don't get to see them very offend but you would know it seeing all of them together. Tessa, Kali and Seth picked up right where they left off. They had so much fun together!
 Cousin lovin! Minus little L.L.
 Two of the cutest almost 1 year olds! Marshall and Scotty loved each other too. Marshall is a little bigger then Scotty but they still wrestled all weekend long... Marshall won most of the time.
 Saying goodbye... I LOVE THIS PICTURE!! It makes me cry a little too though. They love each other SO much and just couldn't get enough of one another. I did have to tell Tess to back off a time or two though. Kali was not use to all of what Tess has and had to give. We miss you guys already... Next time we will come to Utah. Thanks for making such a long and short trip. Sure love you!
 Sweet Elliott (L.L) and Apple Jul... Reason for the Celebration
Proud Momma (sorry Dustin, I didn't get a pic of you) on his special day.