Sunday, March 23, 2008


We had a great and crazy Easter Sunday.... We woke up and the kiddos enjoyed there Easter baskets and then went quickly on our way to church. After church we headed to my parent house for dinner around the corner from there house the reception house my in law family works at t had a Easter egg hunt for all of the kids in the neighborhood. The kids had a blast and we got some pretty cute pictures out of it. After dinner at my parent house, which was delicious we went to our second Easter meal at Spencer's family house. We had a great day and are so grateful for the opportunity to reflect on how much our Savior has done for each one of us.Two very cute kiddos... Seth was mad that I made him wear a pink shirt.. he he he
I got some eggs mom!!

I couldn't get this picture to rotate... Seth posing for the camera
Pretty in pink.....
I think I want to get in that water
Seth searching for egg with his cousin Emma Dying Easter eggs in underwear... Can you think of anything better?
That morning, Tessa with her basket... She got a new silky bunny, new dress, and candy

Seth with his Easter basket, I can begin to tell you what he got..... New Tom and Jerry DVD, Diego stuff, candy, candy and more candy

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Seth has started T-ball. He is really good at it but it not really sure if he like it too much. He loves to hit the ball and run the bases but when it comes to fielding he is pretty bored with it all. We keep encouraging him and promise him a trip to the closes QT if he plays and stay out in the field. It seem to be working but we will see how his first game goes..Good job Sethers!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Seth turned FOUR!!

So you are going to think that I went way over board for my sons birthday and rented him a limo...When in fact my sister in law and mother in law work at a reception house and have a limo on hand. Seth had in formed us all that he wanted to go to Peper (peter) Piper Pizza in the big car (limo) at Hope's work (sister in law). So because Hope is a great aunt she made it happen.
Seth in the Limo ready to go.... Do you think he is happy??
Hope driving us to Peper Piper's
All of the kids sang Seth's favorite song in the limo.... 123 like a bird I sing
We had Pizza and cupcakes and finally Seth got to open his presents. I think every gift was something Go Diego, Go. It turns out there is a lot of Diego things out there because everyone got him something different.. Thank you everyoneAbout to blow out his candle...
Apple Jul and her 2 grand baby girls.. Kali and Tessa

At the end of that night Seth had had a pretty good day. Here he is in his new tent with all of his Diego toys inside watching his new Diego movie!! I love you Seth and am so blessed to have a son like you. Thanks for being such a good boy... love Mommy

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

In the beginning of March my best friend Lindy came over for a visit with her two adorable kiddos. Lindy and I have been friends since our mom's have been pregnant with us. She is more a sister to me then a friend. We had so much fun together and I am so glad to came to AZ to visit
Lyric and Seth making cupcakes and having a grand old time
I got the pleasure in giving Paxton his first hair cut... doesn't he look handsome
Eating arrangements at my house
On Sunday we went over to my parents house for some dinner and fun. Seth and Lyric playing on the teeter todder
Then of course Lindy and I had to give it a try
Bath time!!! I won't begin to tell you how dirty the water was...Where did these elephants come from????
Lindy and I treated ourselves to a pedicure one day when my sister in-law was kind enough to watch all of our kids. I about died when Lindy told me that she had never had a pedicure before.. We had so much fun and a very relaxing time. Thanks Lindy for coming I sure love you and miss you tons!! My turn next..