Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Baby

I just love the look on Tessa's face in this picture. Who knows what she is asking Santa for THIS time. The girls list just get longer as the days go by . She can't wait for Christmas to come, she has memorized all the Christmas songs this year. Her favorites are " Mr. Grinch, and I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas". I swear she knows every word. She is trying her hardest to be on her best behavior for our secret Elf on a shelf and she loves to help Mommy in the kitchen baking all yummy goodies for Christmas. Also she has taken a liking to Mary, baby Jesus and Joseph Smith. She also enjoys dressing up as Mary on a daily bases to make sure that we feel the true meaning of Christmas in our home. She has been as sweet and Nice as they come.
 Seth is taking this Christmas thing very seriously this year. We have two sweet families that our doing the 12 days of Christmas to us and he makes sure he has that entire thing under control. Every morning that first thing that he does is look for our secret Elf on a shelf and opens the gift from the 12 days of Christmas. He is quite the routine boy!  He loves wrapping gifts, delivering goodies and Christmas card, and being extra helpful with Scotty when Mommy just has a little to much to do. At first he wanted an electric scooter for Christmas but Santa told him he had to be at least 8 to have one of those and that he thought a bike would be a little safer.  He has been extra Nice and helpful this year and deserves the very best.

See you real soon Santa.. The countdown is on! 6 day to go

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We went to the Temple last night for FHE to see my Fabulous niece sing in honor choir, to look at the Temple lights and see the different nativities from around the world. As we where entering the visiting center to see the nativities my SIL Jill was telling kiddos what we where going to see.

Jill- We are going to go in the room to see the nativities and to see baby Jesus

Seth - Alright, I have always wanted to see Baby Jesus in real life, I have only seen statues of him.

 How innocent and cute is that!! He really thought he was going to see Jesus!!


Seth- Tessa you really hurt my feelings and you are not being very nice to me right now, I think you need to repent!!

Spence and I about DIED!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Catching up is fun to do

 So much to blog about.. Where do I start. Well for Thanksgiving we went to Cali City for our annual every other year trip to the desert for Thanksgiving with my family. I grew up doing this every year and for about every holiday my Dad could talk my mom into going for. I had forgotten how much fun it really was. My parents where gracious enough to rent us a trailer for our little family and when we arrived that Wednesday night my parents had pretty much stocked the trailer with all of the goodie essentials that camping needs. Junk Food!!
Scotty trying to stay warm while waiting for some yummy Thanksgiving eats. It was so cold there!! Seth pulled Scotty like this all weekend. Scotty loved it. He thinks he is such a big boy.

 Seth and Scotty sitting down for Thanksgiving Turkey. My parents deep fried our turkey this year and can I just say this... Deep Fried is the only way to go People!!
 Chillin in Ransburg waiting for lunch. Is is a tradition that we started long ago to meet the riders in a very GHOST like town for lunch one afternoon. I used to ride myself there but now a days I ride in a truck with my babies. I have to say... I kinda like the truck route.. clean, warm, and then I don't have to deal with helmet hair.
 One of my best friends Brenda came to visit us while we where there. It was so fun to visit with her and catch up on life. She is an amazing dirt bike rider. We use to ride when we where younger and our families would camp together as well. She was ALWAYS better at riding then I was. A lot of times you wouldn't know that she was a girl until to took off her helmet. She is amazing and still has it. I hadn't talk to Brenda in about 5 years and we didn't miss a beat with each other. We just picked up where we left off.. Thanks Brenda for coming all the way out to hang. It was so much fun!!
 Family ride in the desert.. Don't worry, Scotty was just in the picture for the photo opp.
 My mister loves his quad. I don't blame him, I always felt safer on four wheels then two. We tried to get him to ride a two wheeler and almost had a near life threatening experience with him. It was pretty scary. To say the least, the throttle on a quad and a two wheeler are a lot different and I am glad he hit the quad and not Papa's truck. Scary!! He was OK though... just a little swollen finger and a little shooken up.
 When we got home the kiddos wanted to see Tangled SO badly. Especially Tess Bear because of course she had to show off her new Tangled outfit. Yes... I let her wear this fabulous get- up to the movies.Thanks Apple Jul, She was in heaven
 And we meet some family there too
 We decorated for Christmas...
 Took some Family Pictures
 Seth had his last day of Karate at his school. He took a 12 week program through our school and loved it until the end. He was ready to be done. But he finished and didn't quit... well mom wouldn't let him (aren't i mean)
Oh and I still think I am doing laundry from camping... I think I had to wash everything that we every owned twice... (really it just felt like that) Scotty really doesn't like to be left out, he wants to be right in eye sight to make sure you are paying attention to him. Good thing he is SO dang cute.
Whew Done and caught up!