Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Song- PS, Christmas blog coming soon!!

Dedication to my new song- you know who you are!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Best vacation EVER!!-Warning LOTS OF PICS!!

Ok, so my wonderful fantastic parents treated my entire family and our significant others to the world's best Vacation EVER. It all started about a year ago when we decided to take a trip to Hawaii. Well when it all came down to it flights to Hawaii where ranging about 1500 dollars a person. So my brilliant parents then decided to take us all on a cruise. Spencer and I had never been on a cruise so we really didn't know what to expect. Much to my surprise it was the most relaxing, enjoying, and rewarding vacation we had ever been on. So you can probably tell by my descriptions that we did not take our two beautiful kiddos. We where very sad to leave them but so glad that we took the opportunity to not bring them along. Instead my very generous in-laws took them for the 9 very long days. It was very nice not to worry about them for a minute and know that they where being loved and well taken care of. Thanks Tom and Marilyn.
The cruised was along the Western Caribbean and we got a chance to visit Grand Caymans, Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel Mexico. Here we are flying to Florida watching our DVDs (One Tree Hill) I know we are pathetic!!

This was one of the formal nights that we had on the ship. We ate like pigs every single Day!!
Our room which we never cleaned... We had room service twice a day including a turn down service....
My favorite towel animal... It made me smile every time I saw it

Spencer enjoying life and the Grand Cayman island. The water was perfect until we saw some Sting rays floating around... We chose to get out at that point
At the Seven Mile Beach in Grand Caymans
These is us in Honduras just driving around on a Mope Head. This was one of favorite ports. It was a very poor Country but had some very beautiful parts
Spence trying to get out of the puddles

Us at the beach in Honduras... Favorite beach by FAR!!

I meet a little friend there, Nathaniel. I am sure he just wanted money (which I gave him) but he followed us around for a good couple of hours. We bought him a soda and just hung out with him. He was so cute and was only 7 years old. I kinda wanted to take him home with me.

A amazing look out we found riding around Honduras

Ok when we got to Belize I was not really impressed. It was not nearly as pretty and was very dirty and poor. We as a family heard that we had to do the cave tours and zip line in Belize. Here we are not sure what we are about to get ourselves into with these cave tours.

The cave tours where amazing and a little freaky. I couldn't think about it to much. We floated through caves like this for about an hour
Then it was on to the zip lines which that all Spencer really wanted to do. It was so much fun!! You literally feel like you are flying through the jungles. I about knocked this guy out because I couldn't find the brakes!!

Spence was better at it them I was.

Dust and B ready to fly!
On our last port we went to Cozumel Mexico. Here we are at some Ruins the we just happen to fall on while riding around again on some mope heads with the fam. It was so fascinating to read about the people and how they lived so long ago
Riding around Cozumel with my hot stuff...
Mom and Dad riding along, we had so much fun on these gutless wonders. I highly recommend it!!
We found this gorgeous little beach as we where driving around. We stopped at this little dive and had the best fish I had ever tasted!! That meaning a lot because I HATE FISH!! This cute little Mexican had the hots for my mom and we just hung out drinking our fun fruity drinks
Back on the bikes heading back to the ship :( Spence checking out the island with my family in front.

The most gorgeous beach that I had ever seen. Cozumel was another favorite port. We had so much fun and we loved every minute of our vacation. We where pretty ready to see our kiddos though. We missed them like crazy!! Thanks Mom and Dad for the best Christmas gift and vacation that we could have ever dreamed of. We love you so much!!