Friday, January 30, 2009

Tessa Bear turns TWO

I can't believe that my baby is TWO!! Boy has time gone by fast... That morning Tessa woke up to a wonderful surprise from her Aunt Ya- Ya... She had heart attacked our house for Tessa's big day. She loved it!! Thank you Ya- Ya for always being so thoughtful... We love you so much!Then it was off to our favorite park for her very own Pretty Princess Party!! But of course we could not forget to dress in our very best princess attire... crown, hills, jewelry and all

Tessa's best buds.. Camden, Abby, Tommy, Jack, and Princess Tess... big brother Seth was to busy to take a picture..
We had pizza , juice boxes, and then on to the best pink cupcakes. Here Tess is being serenaded to and just can't wait to dig into the nerds on top of that fluffy pink goodness...
Time for presents... She loved all of her fun new toys and outfits. What else could a pretty princess ever ask for?

Time to take a little rest in the park on her very own cinderella pillow... (love how she has her little legs tucked)
Getting lovin from her favorite Granny...
Then getting some more love from her favorite Apple Jul (grandma) She sure love you both very much!!

She denied mommy... she was to busy thinking about playing with.....

All of her new TOYS!!!!!! Thank you everyone for all the presents and love, you sure made my day EXTRA SPECIAL!!!
We sure do love you Bear and are so grateful to have you be a part of our eternal family. Thank you for being such a light and joy in our lives every single day... Love Mommy, Daddy, and Seth

Monday, January 26, 2009

Momma Mia

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to sweet Mom.... She does more for my family then she will ever know.. I can always rely on her when ever I need her and she has taught me so much in life. She has overcome so much and has become so strong because of it. I am so proud of her!! Thank you Mom for all that you have done for me and for being MY MOM... I won't have it any other way... Happy Birthday xoxoxo

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My sweet OLD MAN!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet old man... He if officially the big 30!! Not that 30 is old or anything it's just he robbed the cradle with me so I can call him that. What can I say about Spencer... He is my entire world and I love everything about him.. He loves his crazy family and all corks and srews we have in life.
He is the world's best Daddy and his kiddos just adore him!! When mom is being crazy he know exactly what the kids and I need to calm every situation. He loves to play,wrestle, teach, listen, play the DS, golf with Seth, play pretties with Tess and most of all knows how to love them unconditionally.

He is the best part of me and is so aware of my need and wants in life. He is always trying to go the extract mile for me and is so in toon to my emotions that he knows that something is wrong even before I do. He is strong, caring, my best friends, knows what is right, non judgemental, big heart, real, hard working, compassionate, HOT, overall my favorite person!! I love you hon, hope you have a great big 30....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Apple Jul and Popeye

I am feeling a little sorry for myself which I know I really don't have any real reason to.... BUT GUESS WHAT, I AM!!
My sweet parents are in the process of moving to California because my Dad has had a real hard time this year with his career and the economy. I guess you have to go where the money is huh? Stupid money!!! I am feeling sorry for myself because for the last 5 plus years I have been very spoiled and have had my parents live very close to my family and I.Over these past several years my parents have really become my best friends who I could rely on for ANYTHING!! My life has changed so much in these last 5 years and my parents have been there for it all. I am also worried about my two little kiddos. My Mom and Dad have and are a huge part of their little lives and talk and ask for them on a daily bases. What am I going to tell them?
I know we are going to see them a lot and have lots of visits and fun vacations together.. but how do you create a healthy balance with that as well. I just don't want to leave my husband at home all the time so I can go and play in Cali while he is at home working for our family. Seth is starting school this year and will so be on a very strict schedule.... There is just so much to consider with all of this change. I know I am truely blessed and I have such a great family and parents like I do. It is going to take a lot of adjusting on both of our sides. I am going to have to learn how to stand on my own two feet ALL BY MY SELF... without my mommy's help!! In turn I think it will be a very good growing experience for us and fores us to become stronger. I just love them so much and am going to miss them like crazy!! Ok I am down whining....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reveiw of December

Seth had a Music Maker concert and he had his very own solo to "I'm gettin nothin for Christmas" He did such a good job and sang the entire verse all by himself... We where so proud of him!!
The night before Christmas we all went to the Temple lights and enjoy the spirit of Christmas. My brother Dustin and his fiancee Brittany went with us. It was pretty cold but we had a fun time.

Christmas morning with the kiddos is the best. Santa was very good to us and brought us more then we could imagine. Seth got his DS that he wanted so very badly

A couple of DS games..

Tessa got her very own Vanity set...
Dustin got to spend the morning with us because my parents where in Cali with my grandparents. We where so glad he got to spend time with us. In this picture he is about to partake in some very delicious sticky buns thanks to the Walkers!! Thanks guys!

Spence and I didn't something a little different this year... We had to come up with a gift for each other that nether one of us could tell the other what we wanted or how much we where spending on he other. It was pretty fun because on Christmas morning we had no idea what we where going to get. Spence surprised the heck out of me with my very own uggs. I have wanted a pair forever . Thanks babe!
Then I surprised Spence with a 4 wood Calaway golf club... Thanks Dan for the help!!
The kiddos also got bikes from Santa "Ya Ya" Thanks you Santa you know who you are!! We love you!!

The next night Seth wanted to have a spend the night with all of his girl cousins. They had a lot of fun eating donuts and hot choc. and watching movies way to late.

Family pictures are of course essential around the holidays... So my sweet friend Molly was generous enough to take our pics.. She did a great job. I love this picture and feel so blessed to have such a loving and caring family

Typically Seth and Tess... sure love those kids!!
This was my FAVORITE PICTURE!! I loved how she captured the moment and it just illustrates our family perfectly!
Accomplishment this month- TESSA CAN FINALLY HAVE PIGGY!! This was a very proud day for mommy!

Drum roll please......... Seth lost his first tooth!! He was so excited to put it under his pillow and have the tooth fairy leave a dollar bill. He is such a big boy!