Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Time Catch up!

Finally just this week I have the GREAT pleasure in going to girls camp with our ward. The girs where great and they are all so special and sweet. I had to leave early but I sure enjoyed the time I got to be with them

Hiking Fossil Creek with Kiersten, Marie, Katie, and Cody. I was so proud of all of them... It was a rocky 4 milie hike down hill and then another VERY hard 4 mile rocky hike up hill. Girls I was so proud of you... Sure love you!

7/15-7/25/08 At the last minutes I decided to jump in the car with my parents and endure a 10 hour car ride to California to see my friend Lindy and her adorable family and to see my grandparents in Ventura. Seth and Tessa didn't great in the car,it was Mommy who was starting to feel and little crazy.

Seth and Lyric enjoying their slip in slide. That was the best 8 dollars I spent... They where out there for hours.
We also went to a very fun water park. The mom's felt a little crazy because it was hard to watch everyone but I am so glad that my mom came with us.. she was so much help. Seth loved going up and down the slides. It was a blast..
Oh and here is my sweet LITTLE 18 month out baby girl who would have nothing to do with help. She wanted to go down all by her little self. Can you tell she is a little spit fire? She probably went up and down at least 15 times by herself... I am in so much trouble with her!!!All the kiddos after the swim park... Anyone tired?

One of the fun things about Lindy's and my relationship is that our parents are really good friends too. This picture is Pam (Lindy's mom) and Julie (my mom) with their grand babies swimming and Pam and Mike's house.My Dad (Scott) and Lindy's Dad (Mike)

Finally Lindy with her kiddos Paxton, and Lyric, and Me with mine Tess and Seth. I can't believe that we have four kids between us. We had such a great time... Thanks Lindy for having us! Your turn next to come to AZ... he he

At the end of the week we stopped at my Nany and Papa's house in beautiful Ventura. My Nany is pretty sick and fighting cancer right now so we all felt like we needed to stop and have visit. Nany looked just a pretty as she always does and has a fighting spirit about her. My grandparents have a turtle that they have had since my Dad was a little boy... Seth and Tess loved him.
Quick picture before we left... Seth didn't want to (can you tell) Sure love you Nany and Papa... hope to see you soon!!

6/30-7/4/08 For Fourth of July Spencer's Family and our little clan went to the D-backs game. It was nice because the kiddos had a blast and it was a nice cool place to be for the fourth. The game was a little boring and Tessa started to get a little restless but all in all it was pretty fun.This year was the first time Seth was not completely freaked out about the fire works. We got to go down on to the baseball field and get a better view of the show....
Seth and I also had the great pleasure to see High School Musical in Broadway form. I do have to say it was very entertaining and it was fun to see all of the kids singing a dancing around. I told Seth that this was a date for just Seth and I and that Tess and Daddy where not invited. The rest of the week Seth continued to tell everyone that Mommy and Seth went on a HOT date. Can you tell that is what Spencer and I call ours?

Thanks Seth for the HOT DATE!!!

During the Summer we try our best to stay inside and find new hobbies to keep us busy... This is Tessa's new hobby... we will just leave it at that!!!!

6/20-6/30/08 So the last time I blogged we had just returned for our California Trip to Oceanside. This picture is us at Disneyland during that trip. The kids had so much fun and where very well behaved.
My cute boys havin a blast
When we got home we celebrated Father's Day in a very fun way. Aunt Linda rented out a big slide and the kids had a blast.... Oh and the adults did too.Tessa of course had so fear and wanted to go down the slide all night
I love this picture... Seth has pure joy all over his face
Shortly after that Seth had his first dentist appt. He did great and now we get to go back for 1900 dollars worth of work. I was really concerned with his two front teeth and the fact that they are a little discolor but of course there is nothing wrong with those. His back teeth are crumbling due to the face that he is a major grinder in his sleep. In most cases they won't really worry about them because they are baby teeth but in this case he will have his back teeth until he is about 10 or 12. Can you tell I am a little bitter??? Needless to say we haven't taken him back yet... and of course the longer we wait the worst they will be come. Anyone got 1900 dollars growing on their trees?... because I surely don't!!