Sunday, September 30, 2007

Eight Months Ago..

Every time I start to think about how fast the last 8 months have gone I just start to cry. Eight months ago today I was blessed when a gorgeous baby girl Tessa. She is a complete answer to my my prayers and is just such a joy and light in my life. It all began on Jan 29th when I went in to see my Doctor and not to my knowledge he striped my membranes and put me into hard labor. Tessa was posterior and didn't want to come out the right way so much to my dismay this was made out to be a very painful process. After only 5 min. of pushing she was HERE! Tessa Lyn 7 pounds 12 ounces. She has been an angel ever since. Now she is rolling all over saying "momma", she has two teeth and loves to sit up and play with her brother and all of her toys. She is getting so big and wants to crawl SO bad but she is almost there. I love you Tessa Bear... thanks for being such a blessing in my life.

I wanted to kill myself right here... jk

Happy but not so happy... I am just about to push

Finally I get to see my sweet baby girl!

Isn't she cute!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Oh my holy heck it has finally happened. I thought this day would NEVER come. Yesterday morning when Seth got up I just decided to put underwear on him (Lindy you inspired me) He threw the Biggest fit and was just beside himself. He started to throw all of his diapers at me and was screaming that he wanted them on. I told him that he could ether be naked or have Cars underwear on. After awhile he choose the underwear. He did really good, he only has one accident but I notice that he kept going in the closet and straining to hold his poop back. So I had a great idea... I put his singing toilet in the closet. A little later Seth's cousin Jake came in (who was over playing) and said "Seth went poop poop in the closet". I was so sacred that he didn't go in his toilet. So I ran in there and low and behold he went in his toilet. He was so excited, he said " Mommy I went a big SNAKE POOH". So we went and got a treat and he has not had an accident since. HOORAY FOR SETHERS!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Reno 911????

Ok so my brother decided to try a new look today. You decide what does he look like.... don't let the picture below him decide for you. he he he

We are a bunch of little kids!!

So my Dad and brother Mitchell decided to go in on this little 70 Honda motorcycle for Seth and my sister in-law Kristin. Seth is still a little small to ride it but Kristin is just trying to learn how to ride so it perfect for her. Of course that ment ALL of us acted like a bunch of little kids and took are turns. It was so much fun!
Seth decked out in his moto gear..... I think he might have modeling in his future you think??
Seth and I took a little ride down to his cousins house to show off his new bike and gear... he was so proud.
A little big you think????
Cute Mom "Apple Jul"
Ready to tear it up! Yeah right

A little big part TWO Dustin trying to show off and do tricks... Nice try Dust

Train Park

The other day Seth was talking about his last birthday and how we went to the train park. He wanted to know if we could go for his next birthday and I thought to myself why not go tomorrow. So we went the next day. We took Seth and Tessa's cousin Jake and Janie and my mom "Apple Jul" if your wondering that's her Grandma name... Seth gave it to her. This picture is us trying to stay cool with the misters at the play ground. They got really wet, and sand with water... great fun for mom
Building sand castles with Starbucks cups we found in the trash!!! Yummmm!! I am such a great mom
Tessa loving the misters.... she was having a blast
This was me trying to get them to eat lunch before they went to play... didn't work
Serious train rider
Tessa didn't know what to think of the train but loves to be with her Apple Jul
Fun times on the train
After the train we went to the carousel. I love this park it so cheap and so much fun. It's only 2 dollars for the train per kid over 3 and 1 dollar for the carousel. Seth felt a little sick after but loved the ride.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I love sippi cups!!

I just can't stand it... My little Tess is getting so big. The other night I gave her a sippi cup and she loved it. She is almost 8 months and is just a complete angel. She never cries and is just full of life. She can officially sit up all by herself and she rolls around like a little steam roller. She is FAST!! Thanks for being mommies little angel!!
On the other hand we have my niece Kali Girl. She is so funny. At only 3 months she knows how to work it and get what she wants. I hope her and Tess can grow up to be best friends

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My brother is HOME!!!

About 3 weeks ago my brother Dustin decided to move to Ventura to live with my grandparents and try that life style out for size. On Sunday night we where talking on the phone when he decided that he needed to come home and be close to his family. I was so excited!! Dustin and I are very close and have a lot of fun together. I just love my sweet family so much. He truly does make my life that much more fun and know one in the entire world can make me laugh the way he does. Welcome home Dust!!!
On another note I have been hibernating with my kids the last three days due to a nasty bug that my little man Seth has had. (Also the reason my blog had been neglected) He has been running a pretty high fever and his "mouth" hurts... meaning his throat. I hate when my kids are sick, I feel so bad for them. This morning I gave him a bath and he laid down in the water and just floated there for about 10 mins not doing anything. Poor guy!! I started him on some antibiotics this morning so he should start feeling better.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's all about Seth

Some of Seth's cousins came over to swim. There really is not much to do outside when it over 105 degrees. Seth loves to swim and he loves his sister and cousins. I am always trying to find ways to keep Seth entertained and not sitting in front of the TV (which he would do all day if I would let him).
The other day Seth had his cousin Jack over. I heard them playing in the kitchen and much to my surprise they where doing the dishes. They made a HUGE mess but had a blast. Not to worry I rewashed them later that night!
Every time I look at this picture I tear up. My sweet little boy is officially in preschool. Look at how BIG he is. His teacher's name is Miss Maren and Seth is Miss Maren little Monkey. He loves to go and is so energetic and full of life when he is done. Today he had his first homework assignment and did it right when he got home. He goes every Tues. and Thurs. from 10-12 and always asks if today is the day for school. He just loves it and so does mom!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Cali Trip

My mom and I watched the boys play in the water..... It was way to cold for us... not thanks!
I am a sand crab!!
Off to the beach with my Pop Pop
It's soooooooooooo cold!!!!

Tessa and Seth loved the water
I love me some Red Vines......
and sand- I was pooping it out for the next couple of days!
My beach babies
I love my sweet Tess

We had so much fun visiting my grandparents in Ventura. Tessa and Seth did great and had so much fun. My parents where a great help with the kids. I appreciate all that they do for us. It was a great weekend all around.