Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun times at the cabin..

These past weekend we decided to go to our families cabin in Prescott. We went with our favorite Ya- Ya, and our friends the Walker clan. We had so much fun and it was nice to get out of the 112 temp, and enjoy the 78 degree weather up north. It was a quick trip but well worth it. We got to enjoy the groom creek park, eat, play games, eat some more, sleep, and oh did I mention eat? I really like to eat...

Tessa and I laying in the lush green grass playing birdie.
What is green grass? It's to hot to grow where we come from..

Then some really nice cowboys asked if the kiddoswanted a lift around the park. This cowboy was so nice, you could tell he was a grandpa. He was asking Tessa where she got her big feet from. Sorry Tess, there from your mom..

Then it was Seth's turn. He jump right up there and had a smile the entire time. He has become very brave lately.. I think he is growing up on us.

Here we are doing our favorite thing. Eating at the Waffle Iron. Mmmmmmmmmm I love me some buckwheat pancakes.

Well what can I say about this picture... I think we might have a problem on our hands. Tessa decided to give Camden one of her famous princess kisses. She is starting young I know. I think I am scared for what is to come in the future with her. Spencer, I'm sorry...

The kiddos with Ya-Ya. We sure love our Ya- Ya, she is the bestest!

I am a little embarrassed of this picture. This is what the back of our car looked like for a quick 24 hour trip. Sad I know!

On the way home. Tessa was a sleep right away, she had way to much fun. Seth, Ya- Ya, Daddy, and I stayed up singing and playing car games with the Walkers. Thanks for a fun weekend guys, and thank you Grandpa Tom for letting us use the worlds best cabin. We love you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seth's first day of school...

Seth was SO excited to go to his first day of school. He got right up and got dressed right away. He was a little upset when I told him he couldn't watch cartoons and eat his breakfast but soon got over it. He ate is breakfast so fast while Mommy packed his lunch filled with his favorite things. He said " Mommy don't forget my cantaloupe and grapes ok". Then it was off to school..
We had to take the traditional picture looking so handsome and ready for his first day of Kindergarten.Then with mommy, who did shed just a couple of tears. I can't believe my baby boy is so grown up and ready to be on his own (kind of, not really)

Then with proud daddy...

Walking to school so bravely with lunch box in hand..
(can you see Tessa's face and hair while Spencer is holding her, she was not happy to be up!)
Seth was not quite sure at this point. He probably was wondering what the heck we signed him up for.

In his class room, where he stood by his name proudly. Seth we are so proud of you and are so grateful you are a part of our family. We love you sweet boy. Thanks for being such a good boy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I miss my honey so...

Right now am in Cali visiting my parents without my hot hubby. I miss you babe....
I miss the way you have so much patients with our kiddos because I am lacking so right now!
I miss the way you always find a way to give me a love pat when every you pass me along the way.
I miss the way you always make sure Seth has his waffles before you leave for work and you always kiss me goodbye.
I miss the way you kiss the back of my neck before we fall a sleep and tell me how much you love and appreciate me.
I miss the way that still after almost 8 years of marriage you STILL think it is ok to use me as a body pillow.
I miss you getting up with Tessa Bear every night and putting her in bed with us.
I miss the phone call I get around eleven or so just to make sure I was able to get my diet coke for the day.
I miss the way you just jump in and give me a brake when I say " I am done with these kids"
I miss rubbing your buzzed head because it tickles my hand.
I miss your kind blue eyes..
I miss you babe, obviously I am not complete without you. Thank you for working so hard so we can come and play. Your the perfect one for me... I love you and WE MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!!