Friday, June 20, 2008

Oceanside Cali Trip

So I am finally Blogging again... I know I am so bad at it! Our vacation to Oceanside California finally came at the beginning of this month. The Theme of this vacation was centered around our husbands volunteering at the US open. They had so much fun working with the pro's and had a very fun time working together. Here is Spencer, Tim and Tyler at the golf course lovin life.While the boys where out playing the mom's and kiddos went to the beach about everyday. Seth was such a big help and loved the beach!! Our beach house was just across the street from the beach so it made it so easy to just go when we wanted to.
Seth playing it up!
Tessa loved the sand. We couldn't keep it out of her mouth, nose and other place we won't mention. She couldn't get enough of it.

We also got to go Disneyland with the entire gang. We had so much fun with everyone and the kids had a blast. Here from left to right.. Me, Molly, Cami, Alyssa (my niece and babysitter, and Kylie aka Tree Molly's babysitter. Yes you heard right. I took my wonderful niece Alyssa to help out with the kids. Specially while Spencer was at the US open. It was totally worth it... Thanks Alyssa your the best!
At California Adventure... Group photo!! You can barely see Seth he had my big Diet Coke bottle in his face.
Molly was nice enough to take our family picture while we where there. There are a lot more that I will post later. I loved how the turned out. Thanks Molly!!
This one is one of my favorites.... I love the kids faces in it
My sweet baby girl...... We had so much fun and are so sad that our vacation is over. Stay tooned for some more pictures..