Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Camera Bust

So you can all probably tell that I haven't blogged in quite sometime.... I promise I have an excuse. My poor camera has been abused by my sweet by rough four year old boy. I just feel like I can't really blog without it. I plan on taking it to a camera shop in the next few days when I can magically get money that I need to fix it off of my newly planted money tree...... ha
Not much is going on around our house hold. Just working, playing, trying to stuff some much into one day, and trying to find time to enjoy one another. Oh yeah, Spence is having knee surgery on Thursday. He finally went to the Doctor (with lots of encouragement) and discovered that he pretty much doesn't have any ligaments in his left knee. This has ONLY been going on for about three years!!! I know he will be just fine but wish him luck and keep us in your prayers.