Friday, October 30, 2009

Disneyland Again... we have problems!

Don't might the ramdon order that these pictures are in.. blogger for some reason would not let me change them around. Well as you can tell, yes we went to Disneyland AGAIN and did have a magical time. Thanks to our Aunt Ya Ya, all of our dreams came true. Thanks Ya Ya we had so much fun. This pic is of Tess and I and the Halloween Trick or Treat Party at California Adventure. Love it, the Kids loved it, and I would highly recommend it!.

Before we went to the Halloween party at our Hotel. Our friends the Durans, and Walker came with us and we just had so much fun with them all.
Left- Spencer Duran, Seth Sparrow, Tinkerbell Tess

Aunt Ya- Ya the Hippie, and Seth

Everyone had to see Mickey... I love Tessa's face in this one, she is so happy to see Mickey.

Seth's first crush.... He loved every second of this

Family Picture Time..... We are so glad we went, Thanks you Ya Ya for putting it all together! We love you so much!