Friday, March 26, 2010

Prego Pics, and sugar cookies!

So I was asked by a couple of people to post a picture of my profile. Here it is in all my glory.. I feel great, a little tired, a little sore, oh and this little guy decided it would be fun to give mommy vains on my legs. I am getting excited to be done, but as a soon to be mom of three... I know it is a lot easier if he stays in for awhile.

Cute story... One night while Tessa Bear was already asleep, Seth and I decided to lay on my bed to watch a movie together. Of course as soon as I lay down, baby Scotty decides to go crazy!! I pulled Sethers hand to my belly to see if he could feel his baby brother. He felt him!! He was so shocked and excited .. He started laughing so hard. We laided there for about 30 mins just feeling my tummy jump. I loved every min of it. It was such a amazing moment that we got to share.  

My mom makes the worlds best sugar cookies!! So the other day I was feeling a little home sick and while Seth and his friend where playing the Wii, Tess and I made her sugar cookies. Tessa loves to cook with me. We put our little aprons on and just had a blast. Tessa's little apron was my moms when she was a little girl.. Tessa even got her own batch of cookies to make. Of course she licked her fingers and ate most of the batch, but that is why they where only hers!! She was so proud of herself.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mini Vaca in Cali

n So yes we went to California again.. it's our favorite place and we love going to our special spots along the way. We joined some family member that were vacationing the same time as us at the wonderful Olvera street. We partook in the best Mexican food around and the best GREEN GUACAMOLE sauce that I would drink if I could.
On our way to Balboa island on the fairy.

Had to stop at the fun zone and do some trampoline tricks. Seth's favorite thing. The guy working it was hilarious!! He kept calling Seth , Bethany and making him laugh and scream louder then I have ever heard him.

Then of course... The Happiest Place on earth.. DISNEYLAND!! I know.. we have problems. We spent two wonderful days there and had a blast. I got to sit out a lot, being six months prego in all... but it was nice to rest. Look at Tess, she is crazy!

Seth has to get corn on the cob next to Thunder Mountain.... one of many of our traditions. This time he had a little harder time eating it without front teeth.

Sneaking a moment in the back of the boat in small world..

Hanging with Jack after the Pirates ride.

My kids lovvvvvvvvvve going to the Grizzly Bear Playground in California Adventure. So much fun.. They would stay just in that area all day long.

Tessa not quite sure about that slide. We had so much fun and would go back in a heart beat.. well maybe next time it would be nice not to be prego.

Our Mister turned 6!

Look at this cute little.. I mean big boy!! I can't believe this mister has been in our lives for six wonderful years!! We sure do love this sweet guy. He wanted to go to (Peeper) Piper Pizza this year and since we were leaving town about 2 hours after this fabulous party , I was completely on board.
All of his friends and some cousins havin a blast!

Seth had spotted out this Jack Sparrow ice cream cake at DQ a few month back and had never forgotten about it (he doesn't forget about ANYTHING) it was sure yummy...

After the fun festivities we jumped in the car and drove to Cali to finish the celebration.. and on our way to vacation. We had dinner at Ruby's on the peer in Newport Beach. Seth... Thank you for being such a good boy. You are so smart, sensitive, caring, great big brother, creative, imaginative, strong willed, FUNNY, kind, and the best son that your Mommy and Daddy could ever ask for. love you son!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Recap of the month

Seth lost ANOTHER TOOTH this month. He is so proud of his new smile and now talks with a little whistle. He is so dang cute. He is really young to have lost all of these teeth. A lot of kiddos in his class have not even lost one... he is now up to four.
Tessa and Seth both got the RSV virus this month. Seth tends to get it quite a bit more then Tessa around this time of year because he has asthma. Tessa was SO excited that she got to breath like a dragon like big brother. She was so proud... Little did she know that it is not good things. Can you tell that she was excited?

One day after school I went to pick up this cute little boy and much to my surprise I was picking up Dr. Seuss. They had celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday at school and had all dressed up.

Finally this month we had the great pleasure in enjoying a week with Apple Jul. We love when she comes to visit and appreciate the sacrifice that my parents make for her to come. Thanks Dad!! We played ALL week long and feel like it's Christmas when she visits. We love you Apple Jul and miss you Popeye.. Come back real soon!