Monday, February 20, 2012

Tessa's Birthday Tea Party

 My sweet baby girl turned 5! I can't believe it. I love that she is getting older and more independent, but it breaks my heart that she is getting so big. Tessa wanted to have another Tea Party Birthday Party. So knowing me, I kinda went all out. According to Tessa , " It was a fabulous party". We had many friends over for "tea", ate a lot of goodies, sandwich's shaped like butterflies, played games, and had a fabulous time. Tessa got all dolled up for the festivities. She had to look her best!
 I got real Tea cups and put all the little girls names on them. Don't forget your pearls... You must have then for Tea
The ladies chattin it up
                                                       Tessa poured so carefully
 Cupcake time! I just love having a girl and doing all the girly stuff that come with it. Love you Tessa, so glad you are ours. You make our lives fun and very interesting. You are the most beautiful, sweetest, most hilarious, full of life and sass, and we won't change ONE SINGLE thing out you. Love you more then you can even imagine!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is it too late for a Christmas Post?

So Im totally lame and haven't even blogged about Christmas. I know! Christmas was fabulous. We spent it with my ENTIRE family in Cali. I miss Cali so much! Everytime we go to visit I'm ready to move. SERIOUSLY, what are we doing in the desert! Well that's beside the point. But we did have a blast while we were there. We playing outside almost the entire time, ate out, ate some more, took family pictures, watch movies, took trips to the park, shopped, ate some more, and just enjoyed everyones company. I love my sweet family and are so grateful I can call them mine. The kiddos got extra spoiled this year! Of course every year we say we are going to scale back, and every year we tend to over do it (including grandparents) Ok now I don't feel so bad that I haven't blogged about Christmas. Glad it came, and glad it went. Also grateful for the spirit that we always feel around this season.