Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Great to be 8!

I really need to be better about Blogging. My goal for the last 4 months has been to write down my feeling about this sweet guys baptism. Apparently we have been very busy living life to the fullest and have enjoy every (well almost every min) of our crazy life. Seth turned 8 this past March and choose to be baptised and become a member of The Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints .Could he be more handsome??!!  We could not have been more proud. He is such a good boy and trys to do his best in all things. I'm so grateful that even at such a young age, Seth has already gained such a strong little testimony of the gospel. I can't imagine raising my children any other way and feel so blessed that we have he gospel to show us the right way through out our CRAZY lives.
This year we got to start a fun little tradition in that we would take our kiddo that was turning 8 to Disneyland all by themselves. I LOVED it. It was so fun just enjoying one on one time with Seth and getting to spoil him like crazy. He has reach the age where he wants to go on every single ride and was not afraid to do anything. We spend two days there and enjoy every minute of it. Although on the second day he did start saying the he wished Tessa and Scotty where there. It was so fun just to have conversation with him and hold his hand. It was pretty nice not having a stroller either!
Getting ready to get baptised. Seth was a little serious and quiet this morning. You could tell he was really thinking about what was about to happen, and that he felt the spirit pretty strong
 Of course Mom had to do a little display... and I tried my best to tone it down. Trust me this is toned down!
In their whites ready to go. Spence was just beaming with pride.
The program was so spiritual and everyone felt the spirit. Granny gave the opening prayer which made everyone start crying from the get go. Apple Jul gave an amazing talk on Baptism. Then Seth was Baptized my his Dad. Our sweet little family sang "I feel my Saviors Love" again with the tears. I couldn't for the life of me make it through that song. Papa gave a great talk on receiving the Holy Ghost. Then Seth was confirmed and recieved the Holy Ghost. Grandpa Tom was asked to say a few word, which is always a treat. Then Seth requested Jack to say the closing prayer. It was a very warm and personal little Baptism program. I couln't be happier with the way it all turned out. I sure love my little man and can't believe he is already so big. I love him more then he will every know and am looking foward to what life will bring him along the way. Love you Seth Man and we are so proud of you!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tessa's Birthday Tea Party

 My sweet baby girl turned 5! I can't believe it. I love that she is getting older and more independent, but it breaks my heart that she is getting so big. Tessa wanted to have another Tea Party Birthday Party. So knowing me, I kinda went all out. According to Tessa , " It was a fabulous party". We had many friends over for "tea", ate a lot of goodies, sandwich's shaped like butterflies, played games, and had a fabulous time. Tessa got all dolled up for the festivities. She had to look her best!
 I got real Tea cups and put all the little girls names on them. Don't forget your pearls... You must have then for Tea
The ladies chattin it up
                                                       Tessa poured so carefully
 Cupcake time! I just love having a girl and doing all the girly stuff that come with it. Love you Tessa, so glad you are ours. You make our lives fun and very interesting. You are the most beautiful, sweetest, most hilarious, full of life and sass, and we won't change ONE SINGLE thing out you. Love you more then you can even imagine!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is it too late for a Christmas Post?

So Im totally lame and haven't even blogged about Christmas. I know! Christmas was fabulous. We spent it with my ENTIRE family in Cali. I miss Cali so much! Everytime we go to visit I'm ready to move. SERIOUSLY, what are we doing in the desert! Well that's beside the point. But we did have a blast while we were there. We playing outside almost the entire time, ate out, ate some more, took family pictures, watch movies, took trips to the park, shopped, ate some more, and just enjoyed everyones company. I love my sweet family and are so grateful I can call them mine. The kiddos got extra spoiled this year! Of course every year we say we are going to scale back, and every year we tend to over do it (including grandparents) Ok now I don't feel so bad that I haven't blogged about Christmas. Glad it came, and glad it went. Also grateful for the spirit that we always feel around this season.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear Scotty...

-PLEASE, EAT SOMETHING!!... other then tomatoes or chips
-PLEASE, SLEEP a full two hours withoug screaming your cute little blonde HEAD OFF!
PLEASE, Let me take a shower/or go to the bathroom(that would be very nice)
PLEASE, let me put you into your carseat/highchair without me having to do a Kung Fu move on you
PLEASE, Don't get into the cleaning cabnit and suck on the windex /bite the soap bars/ bite the tips of all the markers/ or suck on the dirty Q-tips in the trash.
PLEASE, STOP thrashing and arching you back so hard that you hit my colar bone every single time
PLEASE, Let me change your %&*(# diaper without the world coming to an end
PLEASE, Let me love you, and get a little snuggle in once in awhile
PLEASE, Don't change anything about you, I love you just the way you are.......I'm just a little worn out!

Love, Your Mom (that will love you forever NO MATTER WHAT)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy 10 Years Baby!

Back on November 20th Spencer and I celebrated our 10 year anniversay.We celebrated with a night away together. We enjoyed a kiddos free night of eating, going to the movies, shopping and well you know...having fun. Our Ten years have been amazing, adventurous, wonderful, beautiful, FUN, and we have overcome and conquired many trials together. I can honestly say our marriage is much stronger because we have worked together and came out on the othter side of things.  Spence is truly my best friend and I would be lost without him. I'm more in love with him today than I have ever been before. He does so much for me and our little family. He is an amazing father and companion. Thanks for 10 years Baby... Can't believe it went by so fast (sometimes);)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's feeling like Christmas

 My goal this Holiday Season was to relax and enjoy some time with the kiddos. I'm doing pretty good, if I do say so myself. For FHE this past Monday we had some extra fun with some cousins and Holiday crafts. We first read the story of the birth of Christ (which who knows if anyone got ANYTHING out of it) A mom can only dream right? Then we made reindeer cookies and homemade snow globes. We had a great night!
Kiddos showing off their snow globes

Seth with his two favorite globes. We just gathered jars around the house and put little toys, and glider for the snow,  They turned out super cute and I think we might just have to make then every year.

Monday, November 28, 2011

So much to be Thankful for

My favorite Girl and I making green beans for Thanksgiving (I think she ate half of them;)

 I was really lame this year and didn't take many pictures at Thanksgiving but I did get a couple of my cute family. Tonight my heart feels full. I am so Thankful for all that I have in my life. I tend to be a glass half empty kinda of girl, but am really trying to find the Joy in all that I have. Sometimes I get so caught up in my day to day grind, that I don't stop and look at all the wonderful blessings around me. I'm grateful for my family, I love them SO much it hurts at times. I am grateful for the Gospel in our lives. Without it, we would be lost and broken. I'm grateful for the hardships that I have had. I know that they have made me the person I am today, and without them I would not be as strong. I'm grateful for our new beautiful home. Everyday I drive up to it, I love it a little more. I'm grateful for our jobs. I know at times it's not ideal, but we can provide for our family. I'm grateful for my hard working, very smart, adorable, best Daddy, and amazing husband. Without him I would be lost. He does more then I can even say.  So this Season my goal is not to be overwhelmed with all the hustle of the Holidays. I going to enjoy and look at my glass half full. Because... I have been given so much.
 The day after Thanksgiving my kiddos begged to set up Christmas. So we did!
 Scotty being cute like always
My Hot Stuff. I love him so! PS... we just celebrated our Ten Year Anniversary. Can't believe how old I feel. That will be a different post at a different time.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Backyard Boutique

I super excited about this Boutique that I am participating in. I am doing Furniture Make-overs , Fun re-vamped Lamp shapes and Chalk Board as well. I wanted to up load more pictures but my computer is being stupid slow.So here is just a little appeteazer of what I have been up to. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We are ready for Halloween!

 I love Halloween! So do my kiddos! Tessa asked me to decorate our house about mid September... So I did. This year we got our costumes early so we could go to the fabulous Trick or Treat Party at Disneyland during fall break (Disneyland Blog soon to come) Then I heard our friend Ashley was doing her annual Halloween photo shoot. I jumped on the opportunity. I don't know about you other Mom's out there, but I NEVER get good pictures of our kiddos on Halloween.. Too much candy, and too much fun to slow down for good photos. I just love how the pictures turned out. Seth wanted to be a ninja (not Mom and Dad's first pick, we wanted to see his cute face), Tessa Snow White (Thanks to a wonderful Aunt with great hand me down), and Scotty is Charlie Brown ( I thought it would be very comfy for this this man, plus we tend to call him Charlie Brown once in awhile).
 Scotty turned on the charm as soon as Ashley brought out the camera. He is such a show off.. I LOVE IT! He really is turning into quite the little entertainer.
 Gorgeous Tessa. She loves her Princess's and loves to dress up. She was pretty excited when I told her I was going to let her wear make-up. She didn't hesitate! Love this girl to pieces.
 So Seth would not smile at all for the camera. Plus he kind of had a hard morning because Mom was asking him to do chores. How dare I!! He was in his serious Ninja mode and would not crack. I can't believe how big my favorite brown haired boy is. (That's what I call him) My heart aches when I think about him growing  up. He is such a good boy and we are so proud of the little man he is becoming.
There is that handsome smile. These boys have a very special bond and Scotty knows how to melt Seth's heart. Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heaven Help ME!!!

Lately I feel like I have been running around with my head cut off... Guess who is to blame?!!! This little boy has giving us a run for our money. He is into EVERYTHING and climbs on ANYTHING! Yesterday instead of getting SO frustrated I decided to document his activities so everyone would just get a glimpse in my day to day life. The toilet is Scotty's favorite toy. He often plays and dips his cookies in the water for some extra protein in his diet.

He loves to push his high chair down and luckily has not YET been kicked in the face by the legs.
 His latest experiment... He love to climb on the table and computer table. How we have not YET been to the emergency room with this child is a freaking MIRACLE!And since he loves the computer desk just as much, don't even ask me how well are computer is working at this time
This one is kinda cute.. He has now learned how to take off his diaper. I can't wait for the day when he takes off his diaper to find some squishy, brown, fun playdough to play with:)

No, that is not water from the pool. He did his business and just kept on walking right on through it. He is so lucky that we love him so much. He is quite hilarious and is full of light and personality. Plus his is so DANG CUTE!!! I can hardly stand it!! Love you Scotty, but at times you can really be a little #$%@!
Love, Your Exhausted Mother

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day of School

 Seriously could this kid get any more handsome?!!!! Seth had a new adventure to face this school year. He started at a new school, and 2nd grade. I was so nervous for him but he seemed to be "pretty " confident and just a little nervous. I was so proud of him for having the courage to do this. We moved into a different house which meant a different school for him. His old school really was not much farther, but we left it up to Seth to make a big boy decision. The new school is in walking distances  (which he is very excited to soon ride his bike), and he has a lot of new friends and cousins that attend this school as well. He chose the new school. We are so proud of him and his ability to make new friends and try new things. He had a great day filled with lots of fun new things and adventures. When he got home I couldn't wait to hear about his day. I was sick "literally" all day worried about every little detail of his day! When he walked in Seth said " E...... is the best school in the world"! Why do I even worry about this boy... He has it all figured out.

 Walking to School with Dad... I only cried a little...
 I love this girl to pieces and she is such a ray of sunshine in our lives. She does tend to smile kinda funny when asked to do on cue:) Tess is attending a Pre K program through our school district. She got to attend this same preschool one day a week last year, so she knew exactly what to do this year. We love her teacher and she is always there to greet Tess with a big hug every morning. She will be going  4 days a week for three entire hours!! Can you say FREEDOM!! Today was her first day and I didn't worry about her for a second. I did miss her and her crazy imagination around the house. When I went to pick her up her teacher informed me that she had a fabulous day with new friends and got along great with all of them. She also told me that she sang "Baby" by Justin Bieber for her, and also informed her that Justin is her husband and they are going to have a lot of babies. Heaven Help Me!! This girl is amazing....
Result of an early, fun filled day of school. Those lips are going to be an issue with the boys, which in return will be an issue with her Dad. Love you BEAR!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Lovin (picture blog)

 We have had a FABULOUS summer and are sad to get back to our normal schedule soon (Mom is kinda ready though) Our new toy this summer donated to us by our besties the Walkers.
Tessa was in Miss. Jennee's Workshop. She sang and danced her heart out for two weeks. She had a blast and looked so dang cute in her performance
Miss. Jennee, Tommy (cousin) and Tess
Camping indoors... Best camping trip I have ever had!
Lemonade stand with Cousins at Ya- Ya's yard sale.
I took a impromptu trip for Three weeks to Cali to visit my parents and a long time friend. Lindy was so nice to put up with me and my three kiddos for four days. We had a blast swimming, eating way too much, staying up late to talk, redecorating her front room, playing, and playing some more. We have come to find out that since we  have 6 kiddos between the two of us , that are visits revolve around the kiddos and not us anymore. We still had a blast and I just love how much are kiddos love each other. Thanks Lindy, oh and Mike:) Sure love you!
The 6 kiddos- can you imagine the amount of food and trash we went through in 4 days!!
Swimming at Grandparents house. Tessa and Paxton
Lyric and Seth
And Adorable Kylee... Lindy's kiddos are gorgeous! I kinda wanted to steal this little one!
We also spent the 4th of July with them
Then Spencer met up with me at my parents and they were kind enough to watch the kiddos while we went on a cruise with The Wright House  clan. We had a blast and a much needed brake. 
When we got back from our cruise, not to our surprise Apple Jul and Popeye spoiled our kiddos like crazy. They had so much fun and we didn't worry a single bit!
Scotty loved the ocean and beach. Popeye and Scotty checkin out the water
Sorry the pictures are so little... Seth got a new wet suit and lost all fear of the ocean because of it. He loved the water and boogy boarding
Tess being cute!! She still had a little fear with the ocean... which was fine by me!
Seth, Scotty and Tess got to go to the Santa Barbara Zoo and they even got to feed a Giraffe!
P.S Scotty is officially walking!!