Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy 10 Years Baby!

Back on November 20th Spencer and I celebrated our 10 year anniversay.We celebrated with a night away together. We enjoyed a kiddos free night of eating, going to the movies, shopping and well you know...having fun. Our Ten years have been amazing, adventurous, wonderful, beautiful, FUN, and we have overcome and conquired many trials together. I can honestly say our marriage is much stronger because we have worked together and came out on the othter side of things.  Spence is truly my best friend and I would be lost without him. I'm more in love with him today than I have ever been before. He does so much for me and our little family. He is an amazing father and companion. Thanks for 10 years Baby... Can't believe it went by so fast (sometimes);)


Lissa said... little love birds

trine k said...

you two are a great couple! Congrats on 10 and hope we can hang out again soon!