Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear Scotty...

-PLEASE, EAT SOMETHING!!... other then tomatoes or chips
-PLEASE, SLEEP a full two hours withoug screaming your cute little blonde HEAD OFF!
PLEASE, Let me take a shower/or go to the bathroom(that would be very nice)
PLEASE, let me put you into your carseat/highchair without me having to do a Kung Fu move on you
PLEASE, Don't get into the cleaning cabnit and suck on the windex /bite the soap bars/ bite the tips of all the markers/ or suck on the dirty Q-tips in the trash.
PLEASE, STOP thrashing and arching you back so hard that you hit my colar bone every single time
PLEASE, Let me change your %&*(# diaper without the world coming to an end
PLEASE, Let me love you, and get a little snuggle in once in awhile
PLEASE, Don't change anything about you, I love you just the way you are.......I'm just a little worn out!

Love, Your Mom (that will love you forever NO MATTER WHAT)


Tawnya said...


John and Lisa said...

Oh my goodness...this picture of him! It's in his he's up to something and he just KNOWS what's going on! Cute, cute little guy, Tiff. Beautiful family picture too. Haven't been on for awhile, but caught this this morning and just laughed. Good way to start my day.

Jennifer said...

i know what ya mean!!!!
He is super cute though!

Jennifer said...

i know what ya mean!!!!
He is super cute though!

Jane said...

I SO feel you on this one!! Brooke has been high maintenance to say the least! Your kids are so cute!!