Monday, September 8, 2008

Kiddos Update

Seth is my lovable, sensitive, SMART, and STUBBORN little sweet boy
- He is in his second year of Preschool with Miss Maren's Monkey's and just loves going to school
- He is also in his second year of Music Makers
- He LOVES to play with his cousins (especially Jack) and asks to every single day
- He is the world best Big brother and loves his baby sister Tessa
- Loves to talk and tell stories that go on and on and on
- Is completely potty train... we kinda had a hard time with number two
-He loves to watch movies, listen to music, play with his little animal toys and read books
- He can swim ALL BY HIMSELF!!
- I love you my sweet boy....I hope you stay my baby forever!!

Tessa is a very cuddly, happy, lovable, has a girl attitude already, very curious sweet baby girl

- She is a little petite thing with a small body but BIG personality

-She can run, jump, and play with the big kids

- Learning to talk, she can say - NO, YES, babba, Seth, Momma, Daddy, Night Night, Baby, Brother, Apple, Papa, Granny, Pop Pop, Bye Bye, Owie, Juice, Kitty, Doggy, I did it, I want out, Hello, and more I just can't think of

- Loves shoes and clothes

- Loves to dress up

- Can take her own diaper off several times a day

- Doesn't like to sleep in her crib anymore

- Still sucks her thumb

-Love to sing and dance

- Loves to play with her brother

- Very social

- Loves Life..

-I love you Tessa Bear....