Sunday, January 17, 2010

He FINALLY did it!!

Seth has finally done it... He is officially riding his bike without his training wheels. This event has taken Seth many encouraging pep talks and a lot of bribing his way. So one day we decided it was time. Spencer took his bike to get the tires pumped up and as soon as he saw him getting it our of the car he flipped out. But like good forcing parents we told him we would take him out for ice cream that night if he just tried....
Seth feeling a little confident but wanting his dad not to let go.

It took him one good push and dad only had to help him once down the street. He is so proud of himself and so are we.

Look at this smile.... He did such a good job!! That night while he was going to sleep he couldn't stop talking about his "two wheeler" and he couldn't wait to ride it after school the next day. He also told me that someday he will soon ride a "one wheeler". Good job Seth man!