Thursday, February 14, 2008

Power Blog

Ok, I am behind in blogging yet again!! So this is going to be a MAJOR Power Blog so bear with me.....
This was Seth's first time doing his first Valentine's Day card for his class. He had so much fun and got so much candy.... As you can tell Seth loves Go Diego, Go!!
We also got to experience with a lot sickness in our house. We where told that Seth might have Asthma and had him doing breathing treatments and oral steroids.... When in fact if his doctor would have just listen to his mother and gave him a antibiotic we could of avoided months of sickness and medication. My poor little guy!! I finally had to go to a different doctor to get him on the proper medication and he was soon feeling back to his happy self. He still might have a touch of Asthma but we are just going to have to wait it out

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tessa Turned ONE!!

On January the 30th my sweet baby girl turned one!! I still can't believe it. It feel like just yesterday she was a newborn again. Tessa is such a blessing in our lives. She came at quite a stressful time in our lives but she made me realize what a blessing life really can be. She never fussed, sleeped though the night at 6 weeks old, and just was and still is always happy and content with what is going on. At one she is
1. Almost walking, she can stand all by herself and is just ready to hit the road but is still a little unsure about the hole thing
2. Has 6 teeth and very soon will have some more
3. Says Momma, Daddy, Hi, Hey, Seth (believe it or not) and babba (bottle)
4. Loves to play with her older brother in his room
5. Sleeps about a 7 hour streach and then wants a comfort bottle to go back to sleep.
6. Makes a lot of funny faces and is full of personality.
7. LOVES to dance to Justin Timberlake in Mommies car.
8. Still sucks her thumb and loves her silky blanket.
9 . Not much hair still but Mommy is wishful thinking.
10. Her favorite game is peeka boo under the covers. She could play that all day long

Sure love you Tessa Bear!!!! Thanks for being such a light in all of our lives!!!

All ready for her big party...
I went a little over board with her cake, I just couldnt stop!
Singing Happy Birthday to Tess
I am not sure about this, what is this??
Ok, I guess I like this sugar filled cake, It turned out pretty yummy
I am going to open these presents without you guys.

Finally I got to open all of my gifts... Thanks Everyone for all the fun stuff!!

Seth was a course running a 103 degree temp and was not up to some Birthday fun.sorry bud

These where all of the kids that where nice enough to come to her party. Mostly cousins!!

January - Very busy month!!

So I think what I need to do to keep up with my blogging is do what I call POWER BLOGGING about once a month. This seem a little easier to me then doing it every other day.

As we all know January seem so be crazy for all, due to the holidays be over and just trying to get back to normal.... Not in my case. I wonder if life will every slow down??? Any who, Around the 13th of January Spencer and I decided to go to Disneyland with out our kids. We just had taken the kids about 3 weeks prior and didn't get to do all the things that we love to do. Not that Disneyland wasn't fun with the kids but we had two extra tickets that we had to use before the 15th and decided that we needed a little brake. Thanks to my wonderful in-laws who took the kiddos we where off to Disneyland like a bunch of little kids on our own. It was so much fun!!! We went on every ride we wanted to TWICE, and just had a blast together. Thanks for the fun trip babe!
Thunder Mountain, an oldie but a goodie!!
This is how Spencer like to spend his down time at Disneyland.... Churro anyone?
I couldn't get over how much this guy looked like Johnny Deep!!! (spencer's fav. Disney charater)
Posing for California Screamin, what can I say we are a bunch of dorks!Bad hair day ofter so many rollacosters
Last but not least my favorite, Peter Pan. I don't know why but it is.
Then on the 24th of January my hubby got a little older!!! He turned 29 this year!! I can't believe I married such an old man!! Just kidding. For his Birthday we had went out to lunch and then out to dinner with his family. It was a fun day!! Sure love you babe!! (even if you are old) Thanks for working so hard in every area! xoxoxox

Then on the 26th is was my Sweet Mom's birthday!! She is so warm and loving and the best mom around. We went to Barros for dinner because she wanted all of her grandkids with her and then her and I went and saw a chick flick together. It was a lot of fun. Sure love you too Mom!!