Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Great to be 8!

I really need to be better about Blogging. My goal for the last 4 months has been to write down my feeling about this sweet guys baptism. Apparently we have been very busy living life to the fullest and have enjoy every (well almost every min) of our crazy life. Seth turned 8 this past March and choose to be baptised and become a member of The Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints .Could he be more handsome??!!  We could not have been more proud. He is such a good boy and trys to do his best in all things. I'm so grateful that even at such a young age, Seth has already gained such a strong little testimony of the gospel. I can't imagine raising my children any other way and feel so blessed that we have he gospel to show us the right way through out our CRAZY lives.
This year we got to start a fun little tradition in that we would take our kiddo that was turning 8 to Disneyland all by themselves. I LOVED it. It was so fun just enjoying one on one time with Seth and getting to spoil him like crazy. He has reach the age where he wants to go on every single ride and was not afraid to do anything. We spend two days there and enjoy every minute of it. Although on the second day he did start saying the he wished Tessa and Scotty where there. It was so fun just to have conversation with him and hold his hand. It was pretty nice not having a stroller either!
Getting ready to get baptised. Seth was a little serious and quiet this morning. You could tell he was really thinking about what was about to happen, and that he felt the spirit pretty strong
 Of course Mom had to do a little display... and I tried my best to tone it down. Trust me this is toned down!
In their whites ready to go. Spence was just beaming with pride.
The program was so spiritual and everyone felt the spirit. Granny gave the opening prayer which made everyone start crying from the get go. Apple Jul gave an amazing talk on Baptism. Then Seth was Baptized my his Dad. Our sweet little family sang "I feel my Saviors Love" again with the tears. I couldn't for the life of me make it through that song. Papa gave a great talk on receiving the Holy Ghost. Then Seth was confirmed and recieved the Holy Ghost. Grandpa Tom was asked to say a few word, which is always a treat. Then Seth requested Jack to say the closing prayer. It was a very warm and personal little Baptism program. I couln't be happier with the way it all turned out. I sure love my little man and can't believe he is already so big. I love him more then he will every know and am looking foward to what life will bring him along the way. Love you Seth Man and we are so proud of you!


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