Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heaven Help ME!!!

Lately I feel like I have been running around with my head cut off... Guess who is to blame?!!! This little boy has giving us a run for our money. He is into EVERYTHING and climbs on ANYTHING! Yesterday instead of getting SO frustrated I decided to document his activities so everyone would just get a glimpse in my day to day life. The toilet is Scotty's favorite toy. He often plays and dips his cookies in the water for some extra protein in his diet.

He loves to push his high chair down and luckily has not YET been kicked in the face by the legs.
 His latest experiment... He love to climb on the table and computer table. How we have not YET been to the emergency room with this child is a freaking MIRACLE!And since he loves the computer desk just as much, don't even ask me how well are computer is working at this time
This one is kinda cute.. He has now learned how to take off his diaper. I can't wait for the day when he takes off his diaper to find some squishy, brown, fun playdough to play with:)

No, that is not water from the pool. He did his business and just kept on walking right on through it. He is so lucky that we love him so much. He is quite hilarious and is full of light and personality. Plus his is so DANG CUTE!!! I can hardly stand it!! Love you Scotty, but at times you can really be a little #$%@!
Love, Your Exhausted Mother


Tawnya said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! I love this post! What a little boy.

Lissa said...

Stop it right now...he is getting so big! I only know him as a baby...why didn't time stand still when we moved?

Cody McWilliams said...

Yes I must admit I was so excited to find him in the toilet the last time I watched them. I have now learned to keep the doors closed. :)

The Maxsons said...

HA!!! Cracking up right now. Darling post and pictures Tiff.

Jennifer said...

that could be my life...just with a different kid in the pictures. The diaper thing...not cool.
Heaven help us!

trine k said...

this is SO so funny, can't wait to see you guys and meet the little terror for myself! :)

Kents said...

Thank you for the good laugh!!!!