Monday, August 30, 2010

Scotty's blessing

Would you look at Scotty in all of his cuteness!! I love this little man SO much!! I know that I am his Mommy but I don't know if you can get any more adorable then this. We had his blessing a couple of weeks ago and I am barely getting around to posting about it. Spencer said a very beautiful blessing and we had tons of family and friends there to support us. I am so grateful for the gospel in our lives and the many blessing that we receive because of it. I can't imagine my life without it and am so proud of my family for doing what is right. Ok so I can't get over his little outfit... The short are from Janie and Jack, the shirt from gap, boat shoes from Target, and Seth and Scotty had matching ties from a local boutique.
The other two cutest kiddos in the world. Seth man and little Ms. Tessa Bear. Scotty was so hot and ready to take his clothes off... He is my sweaty boy (takes after his daddy) sorry Spence
Proud Mommy and Daddy
My parents where able to join us from California. We always love to have a visit from Apple Jul and Popeye. Scotty was already naked at this point.. he was DONE!
Party of Five... I still can't believe that we have three kids!!! My buttons are bursting, I am so proud and in love with my sweet little family. They really do make life worth while.



Oh he is cute too! I am having a hard time adjusting..did you? We love the name Tessa its so pretty. You are one crafty are going to have to give me a tutorial on those cute fabric flowers!


And please tell me how you managed to look so damn adorable in all your pregnant pics..seriuosly!