Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birth story of Scotty

I feel bad because I have never gotten around to writing about Scotty's birth story, so here it is. Scotty decided to come 2 weeks early to the day. I had go to the doctor the day before to get check and I was not even at a one. So being the control freak that I am, I thought I had plenty of time to clean, shop, and get my house in order. That entire day I felt so crummy, I felt like I had the flu, but I had been feeling like that for the last several weeks so I thought no big deal. The next morning the kiddos had swimming lessons and then I had planned to go to Target and start my big list of things to do... Like buy toilet paper (which we where completely out of). While I was at swimming lessons I started to feel that horrible feeling in my lower back. The one that you just know that you are in labor. So I went to Spencer's work to talk to him about what was going on. He told me to call the doctor just to see if the what I was feeling where true labor pain. Of course my doctor told me to go to the hospital to get check out, but I did NOT  want to go. I just knew if I went they would keep me there and I was NOT ready to have this baby. I didn't even have TOILET PAPER for heaven sakes!! So I dropped off the kids and we headed to the hospital with no bags in hand. On the way I called my parents in California just to give them a heads up and reassured them that this was not really happening but I was just going to make sure anyways. When we got there I was so mad that Spencer made me come. All I wanted to do is go to Target and get my things on my very important list done. He wouldn't listen!! I got check in and low and behold I was in labor. I was having contraction every five minutes and I was dilated to a three. I was MAD! My labor went pretty quick. About ten hours. I was stuck at a three forever but as soon as I got to a five it was only forty five minutes until I had Scotty. My parents got there on time and where there to witness the birth. It was a real spiritual experience. After he was born everyone was so quiet and reverent. We had just witness a miracle happen and we really had no words to go with it. We are so blessed that everything went well and everyone was healthy. We sure love him and he is such a wonderful addition to our family. We love you Scotty!!
I was so excited that they put him on my chest after. My other two kiddos had breathing issues so I didn't get to do this. It was such a surreal moment.

Everyone in aw.
Daddy (Spence), Popeye (my dad Scott), Apple Jul (my mom Julie, and Ya Ya (sister in-law Hope)
This time Spencer and I decided to have a party in the labor room. It was really fun and made the time go by fast. Don't worry my Dad stayed in the corner the entire time...

Love this picture!! Spence and I in love once again.

Scott Carl Thomas Wright
7 pounds 2 ounces
born on June 4th 2010 at 10:14 pm

Proud big brother Seth and Tessa. They where so excited to meet Scotty. It is amazing how instantly they
loved him right away.

This picture will forever make me cry. This is my dear sweet Papa. He flew out to see Scotty, who was his 4th great grandson. He was so proud and full of joy to see him. My Papa passed away just a week later. I am going to miss him so much and will forever remember him as the most loving, enduring, loyal, generous, and virtues person that he was. I love you Papa and miss you so.

The day after he was born. Love the man boobs.Love you Scotty!!


Kylee and Dustin said...

What a great story! Love the pictures. How do you have a party in the labor room? Sounds like a great idea!

Tawnya said...

So cool! And of course you look just fabulous while giving birth.

Cristin said...

Ha ha! I love the man boobs too. What a cutie. You look way to good in that one picture with Scotty on your chest right after he is born. I'm so glad it was a good experience!

Jewel said...

I have to agree with Tawnya and Cristin--no way would I ever look that good after giving birth!! And Scotty is just adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Ditte said...

That's so great Tiff! I'm so glad everything went well! Scotty is a great name! Love you!

Hollie said...

Congratulations Wright family. He is beautiful. You have such a cute little family. Love The Smart's

Lissa said...

I LOVE that last pic